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How to run competitor analysis for a digital brand.

Who else is swimming in your pond?


If any of y’all did a marketing/business degree you’ll remember the words ‘COMPETITOR ANALYSIS’ being drummed into you, like they held all the secrets to curing cancer, crossing the universe and eternal human life.  Really. Successful. …

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Social media for businesses that don’t have time to social media.

Otherwise known as less busy-ness, more business.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a rendition of ‘Woe Is Me, I’m Too Busy Running My Business To Do Social Media As Well‘ (usually the extended disco remix …

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Why goal setting usually fails (and how to fix it, obvs).

Goals are hard, you guise.  They require dedication and motivation – and annoyingly – a little bit of planning to actually become Real Life Things.  So if you’re finding yourself here, wondering where the hell the wheels fell off the wagon, here’s a few little insights into where that goal setting is going a bit sideways, that might help you reset and power on.  (Fun fact: nobody is an overnight success, which is probably the most disappointing part about being an adult.)

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All guns blaz(er)ing.

I have a confession to make.  In the last month I have purchased five – that’s right FIVE – blazers.  #sorrynotsorry #fashion

A little bit because I was in Europe and running riot through all of the fabulous Euro fashion (how much better is Zara in …

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