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A guide to fabulous Palm Springs fun times – no Coachella required.

Much palms.  Many springs.  Lots of cocktails.

Fun fact, y’all.  They let you go to Palm Springs the other 358 days of the year when it’s not Coachella time, and it’s even more spectacular because you can actually get to the bar and order a mojito without having to queue up behind the rest of the known Instagram universe.


(Another fun fact, I actually I have absolutely no authority writing the above statement because I’ve actually never been to Coachella – despite it being top five on the Bucket List – but I’m going to stand by it because heck, this is my blog and I’ll make whatever unverified claims I like, because I make the rules around here.)

Palm Springs, CA, defo makes it onto the Top Ten Places That Makes Em Happy.  The sunshiney little oasis that rose to prominence as the weekend vacay for LA’s glossy posse in the 1960s is still living it’s best life – serving up the same little relaxed desert vibes it’s known and loved for, 60 years on.

Music festivals aside, it’s such a delightful little slice of heaven, that I literally can’t believe that more Californian’s don’t spend every damn weekend soaking up it’s sunshine – I mean, it’s literally only 90 minutes from LA, get around it people.

With the crowds dispersing, but the summer just ramping up, May is the perfect time to head to Coachella Valley, and if you’re making the trip for your very first time, lemme share a few tried and tested for your vacay-pleasure.


Stay at: The Ace Hotel.  Sure, sure, everyone rabbits on about the Parker, which is quite literally the best buffet breakfast you’ll have in your life, but I personally loved the retro chill that the Ace dishes up daily.  Pool parties on a Sunday, the coolest roadside diner for all your snack requirements and rooms that are infinitely Instagramable.

Eat at: The Parker breakfast is life.  Head to Normas (reservations defo recommended), and match your bellini with a ridiculous assortment of brunch goodness.  Want to indulge your inner Melbourne coffee snob?  Head into town for the cold brew at Koffi.  If you’re there on a Sunday, head to Spencer’s Restaurant, located at the Palm Springs Tennis Club – three courses for only $29, and it was legit one of the best meals I’ve ever had.  And don’t forget to stop in at Rooster and Pig and Birba.

Get there: rent a car – convertible preferable – and make the drive across the desert.  Blast U2 loudly and try not to squeal with delight when the line of perfectly positioned palms appear on the horizon.  Don’t forget to duck past Joshua Tree national park, because iconic.

Do: absolutely nothing.  Find a pool, order a cocktail and enjoy the low key vibes.  And if you really must get up off the sun lounger, it really should only be for a visit to the hot springs.




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