So good to see you here!  Em’s been waiting for you!  I mean, she ate all the scones because you’re 45 minutes late, but you know, I’m sure you had a good reason, right?


Em is a digital marketing, branding and social media guru, residing in Melbourne Australia.  (At least that’s what she tells those folk at Nike, who have employed her to all of the above.  She’s managed to successfully not break anything yet.)

With a passion for fashion (pun intended), photography and design, along with a heavy dose of wanderlust, she combines all of her favourite things and some wise words (most of which she’s learned the hard way) right here, in her little piece of the interweb.  Established in 2014, According to Em is the modern girl’s bible to digital life, online branding and style – all served up with some excellent photography and a side of wit. (Sometimes erring on the side of sarcasm.  #SorryNotSorry)

In her spare time, Em drinks a small South American nation’s supply of coffee, buys too many pairs of ripped jeans (because sometimes a girl needs a full knee rip and sometimes she just needs a few little peek-a-boo holes, you know?) and really likes referring to herself in the third person.

So stay, poke around a bit.  You’ll like it here, promise.

But if you do have to dash off (and hey, I get it.  There’s probs a sample sale or a new app to download, right?) make sure you do like cool kids, and join the mailing list.  That way, you wont miss any of the action.