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So good to see you here!  Em’s been waiting for you!  I mean, she ate all the scones because you’re 45 minutes late, but I’m sure you had a good reason, right?

Meet Em.  Lives in Melbourne, Australia with her incredibly spoilt English Staffy, Diesel – but you probs already knew this from all the insta pics, right?

With over 12 years in digital marketing at some of the world’s biggest brands (*coughs* Nike-The-Body-Shop-Fox-Fm-and-Swisse *coughs*), Em started According to Em in 2014 because honestly, she just had a lot of words to say and her friends were sick of hearing them.


Over the past four years, it’s become a place for her to share her advice, learnings and thoughts across digital, content, marketing, social media and branding – and she’s created a shiny home of some of the very best things you need to know if you’re dipping your feet into the online world for the very first time or looking to boost your digital marketing smarts.  (or if you like dog pictures.)


Em’s also got a passion for fashion (pun intended), writing, photography and design, along with a heavy dose of wanderlust, and so she combines all of her favourite things and some wise words (most of which she’s learned the hard way) right here, in her little piece of the interweb.


Ultimately, she wants According to Em to be a bit of a modern girl boss’ bible to business, digital life, online branding and style – all served up with some excellent photography and a side of wit. (Sometimes erring on the side of sarcasm.  #SorryNotSorry)


In her spare time, Em drinks a small South American nation’s supply of coffee, buys too many pairs of ripped jeans (because sometimes a girl needs a full knee rip and sometimes she just needs a few little peek-a-boo holes, you know?) and really likes referring to herself in the third person.


So stay, poke around a bit.

You’ll like it here, promise.

And if you’d like to work with Em, the great news is that she’d LOVE to work with you!  Available for content marketing, ghost and blog writing, social strategy and coffee dates.  Head over here to find out more.


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