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All guns blaz(er)ing.

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I have a confession to make.  In the last month I have purchased five – that’s right FIVE – blazers.  #sorrynotsorry #fashion

A little bit because I was in Europe and running riot through all of the fabulous Euro fashion (how much better is Zara in Spain, amiright guys?  Do better, Melbourne), and a lot because I suddenly re-discovered this fashion staple while squealing ‘where the bloody hell have you been all my life?!?‘ (‘In the back of your wardrobe, being ignored, while you grab your leather jacket again‘, says my two year old Country Road blazer, still in perfect condition because I’ve only worn it literally once or twice, the frustration in his voice reaching peak pitch.)

It’s not new, and technically I don’t even think they went out of vogue to be actually able to ‘come back in’ again – but my word the blazer is having a moment.  Capital M, capital ‘OMENT’.

Everywhere (and obviously by ‘everywhere’, I’m talking exclusively about the ‘gram) you look RN, another member of the fash pack is casually blazer-ing about town, and if you think I’m wearing anything this winter except the aforementioned five new purchases, then you’d be seventeen types of wrong.

Turns out – there’s literally nothing that a blazer doesn’t turn into street style cool (Side note: the exception to the rule – because there’s always one – is PJ’s.  Definitely don’t try and sass up PJ’s…) – and it’s opened up a whole host of my previously discarded ‘too cold for wintertime’ outfits for another day in the wild.

My favourite combo?  Jeans, a band tee and boots.  Or sneakers.  On repeat more often than that damn new 5SOS song that I can’t help but secretly love.

(It’s the beat you guys, please don’t judge me, kthanksbye.)



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