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Five ways I organise my life.

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I’m gonna be the first to put my hand up and say that I’m not the world’s most organised person.  I mean, I have ‘the chair’ – you know the one – for clothes not quite clean enough for the wardrobe, not quite dirty enough for the …

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10 kick ass career quotes.

I challenge anyone to find me a more depressing time of the year than those few horrific hours that fill the evening before you have to go back to work after Christmas holidays.

It’s not necessarily that you don’t like your job (though, if you do, multiply that …

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Everything I know about productivity.


Hint.  It’s not a lot.  You should most definitely ignore all of the below and scamper off and read a Sheryl Sandberg book or something.  


Here’s the thing, friends.  I like things to happen.  And if they don’t, I like …

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