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In defence of the crappy TV show.

This is the moment when I try to convince y’all that my seven year addiction to Pretty Little Liars has been a healthy and enriching addition to my life.  (Which I shall henceforth refer to as PLL because we’re totally each other’s bae, and there’s no need for such …

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Married At First Sight.
I’m out.

I can’t believe I’m publicly breaking up with a reality TV show.  That’s right, folks.  Here we are.  Em has gotten so fired up by reality TV that she’s using her public holiday to denounce it out of her life.  BE GONE WITH YOU.

But this isn’t just …

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That time I sat on my couch and judged 12 complete strangers.

Guys.  I have a confession to make.  I have a yearly tradition, and I’m not going to lie.  You’ll judge me.

Every year, I, Your Friend Em, has to watch the first episode of Big Brother.

I know, I know.  Yes. I KNOW.

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