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The TED talks I’ve watched more times than Friends re-runs.

I don’t know whether it speaks to my inner nerd, but over the last 18 months, I’ve become one of those people.  I am more likely to have a TED playlist keeping me company on long car drives instead of Spotify, and I’m not sure if this means …

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How to run competitor analysis for a digital brand.

Who else is swimming in your pond?


If any of y’all did a marketing/business degree you’ll remember the words ‘COMPETITOR ANALYSIS’ being drummed into you, like they held all the secrets to curing cancer, crossing the universe and eternal human life.  Really. Successful. …

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Instagram Checkout. Would you, should you, when can you?

Adds everything to cart, including the cart.

Guys, we all need to settle the heck down very right now. That noise you can hear is the collective squeals of marketers around the world, because last week Instagram gifted us the gift of all …

How to tackle influencer marketing.

Spoiler alert: the game has changed.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that if you’re a marketer, and you’re working and living in 2018, you have at some stage engaged in influencer marketing.

Welcome to a world where …