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Evolve or die, baby.
Snap ain’t the Queen Bee anymore.


If I had a dollar for every time social media changed and I lectured y’all about it – well, I should probably call myself a digital freelance

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Instagram changed the game.
Here’s how to win.

‘I hate, hate, HATE the new Instagram feed….’

 – chocolatequeennk, on the Instagram news site, in relation to the latest algorithm changes.  Truthfully, I’ve never met this person, but hey, they have ‘chocolate’ in their screen name, so they seem credible to …

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Why are we still investing in (social media) rentals?

Guys, huddle in.  We need to have a little ol’ chat about interwebs investment.  (And if you’ve somehow been misdirected here by Google, expecting some legitimate ‘grown up’ investment advice, now would be a really good time to leave.  Quickly now.)

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Three really good reasons why you still need Facebook.


Fun fact.  Here’s two things I legitimately witnessed people say on the interwebs this week:

When chatting about a new business their friend has just started: ‘You should start a Facebook page!  Free advertising!’

In a (oh …

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Everything you know about Facebook is wrong.


You know how some people often ponder life before Facebook – how much simpler and carefree it was, without that little blue icon demanding your attention and serving you up photos of so-called-friends sipping cocktails on the beach in Ibiza to feed your life envy?

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