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Why goal setting usually fails (and how to fix it, obvs).

Goals are hard, you guise.  They require dedication and motivation – and annoyingly – a little bit of planning to actually become Real Life Things.  So if you’re finding yourself here, wondering where the hell the wheels fell off the wagon, here’s a few little insights into where that goal setting is going a bit sideways, that might help you reset and power on.  (Fun fact: nobody is an overnight success, which is probably the most disappointing part about being an adult.)

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All guns blaz(er)ing.

I have a confession to make.  In the last month I have purchased five – that’s right FIVE – blazers.  #sorrynotsorry #fashion

A little bit because I was in Europe and running riot through all of the fabulous Euro fashion (how much better is Zara in …

A guide to fabulous Palm Springs fun times – no Coachella required.

Much palms.  Many springs.  Lots of cocktails.

Fun fact, y’all.  They let you go to Palm Springs the other 358 days of the year when it’s not Coachella time, and it’s even more spectacular because you can actually get to the bar and order a mojito without having to queue …

Want to transform your entire day? (uh, yeah, obvs)
You need a morning routine.

Guys, when did rolling out of bed 40 minutes late, pulling your hair back into a messy bun and doing your makeup at the traffic lights because #late fall out of vogue, exactly?  And can we go back to the 90’s when it was totes acceptable because Kate Moss told …

Hot Cross Nothing.


Actually, if I’m being really truthful and honest, that title should read ‘Hot Cross 72 packets’, but it won’t support the point I’m about to make, and can y’all please stop judging me, it’s Easter and it’s my patriotic duty to eat as many damn …

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