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Five ways I organise my life.

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I’m gonna be the first to put my hand up and say that I’m not the world’s most organised person.  I mean, I have ‘the chair’ – you know the one – for clothes not quite clean enough for the wardrobe, not quite dirty enough for the …

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Switch off.


Guys. Did you know you can turn your phone off??


But all lolz aside, you don’t realise just how bloody much you pick up the darn thing until you’re in a ‘no idea where it’s gone’ situation over the weekend. For …

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Being lazy: a guide.

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have trouble switching off.  My iPhone is a permanent attachment to my right hand, a demanding little task master who cracks his whip with every insistent notification ping.  I NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING NOW.  He’s basically the …

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Thirty Two.

By the time you read this, holy smokes party cats – I’ll be THIRTY TWO.

It’s a great moment to sit back and reflect.

Experience really is the very best teacher.  I mean, it took me so many ratty Sunday mornings to realise that tequila is …

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2015. Thanks for the memories, you bastard.


Dear 2015,

In a week where every other blogger is drinking their lemon and cucumber water (because Christmas detoxing #blessed) while writing about all the enlightening things that the year that was has imparted upon them, I feel the need to write you this.

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Getting back on the life wagon.

If you’ve been around these parts lately, you’ve probably noticed someone who hasn’t.  And by ‘someone’, I clearly mean ‘me’, but I’m convinced that talking in the third person makes me somewhat wittier and clever-er and smarter.  (Oh, just go with it…)

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