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Family vacay, #4892

There’s something inherently bittersweet about having your brother pack up his life and move to another state.  On one hand, he’s seventeen million miles away (ok, ok, I may have exaggerated that slightly.  Everyone knows Queensland is only sixteen point two five million miles away…), and I can’t …

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Married At First Sight.
I’m out.

I can’t believe I’m publicly breaking up with a reality TV show.  That’s right, folks.  Here we are.  Em has gotten so fired up by reality TV that she’s using her public holiday to denounce it out of her life.  BE GONE WITH YOU.

But this isn’t just …

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Drink the wild air.

There’s no bigger tell for a big night out than when you sit around in your grey track pants for the next few days, thundering headache, refusing to do little more than sip water and binge watch the latest trash on Netflix.  Surprisingly, I’m not talking about me.  (oh no, …

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Where I’m supposed to be.

The above was taken at Padang Padang beach, when I had nothing to do but drink coconuts in the sunshine.  #goodtimes #blessed

I promise this isn’t just a post where I bang on about how I’m really supposed to be in Bali…

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I interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging…

…to apologise for the interruption in regularly scheduled blogging.  


Oh what a right royal jerk I’ve been, dear friends.  I set up this fancy pants new blog, wow you all with my words and pretty pictures, and then bugger off for …

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Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?


Friends, family, unicorns.  Welcome to my little ol’ blog.

I’m Em.

(pssst.  You should have figured that one out from the title. But if you didn’t, don’t worry your pretty little balayage ’bout it.  Just raise your eyebrows and tap your nose once …

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