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You wont believe what happened when I #outfitrepeated

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The truth?  Absolutely not a damn thing.  Soz for the click bait, but I’ve always wanted to do it – just the one time.  (And it felt just as icky as I thought it would.  Guess I’ve failed my Daily Mail journalist induction…)

There’s a new black in …

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Copper. You know you want it.

Because the thing about colour is that I’m inevitably going to get so damn sick of it, and crave a little bit o’ monochrome calm back in my lounge room.


Most of you, have never been to my house.  (I’m pretty sure, anyway.   …

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Current mood: grey matter.


There’s something about the humble grey coverall that is anything but befitting drab colour title would suggest.


Chunky grey knits.  If I had to sum up my relationship with them in just three words, it would be ‘Em’s Spirit Animal’.   …

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Style Stealer 04: Pip Edwards.

If I achieve just one thing in 2015, it will be to master the art of ripped denim, a la the stylish Pip Edwards.  I mean, I already have the hang of ripped jeans.  They’re basically on track for MVP of my wardrobe, but I just haven’t managed the same …

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The Want List 04: Singapore sling.

2014 has been the year of planes.  I’ve notched up more than a few stamps in that passport (or, at least I would have, if immigration would go back to stamping.  What happened to the stamping?  THE PEOPLE WANT STAMPS.) and countless miles in seat 7A – which yes, is …

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Wherefore art thou, fashion?

Friends, I don’t mean to alarm you, but it appears that the Marquee Overlords forgot one very important invite this year.  Fashion.

Yes, fashion.

When the golden tickets were being handed out to the a-list and b-list city wide, someone forgot to mention that in return …

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