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In defence of the crappy TV show.

This is the moment when I try to convince y’all that my seven year addiction to Pretty Little Liars has been a healthy and enriching addition to my life.  (Which I shall henceforth refer to as PLL because we’re totally each other’s bae, and there’s no need for such …

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Drink the wild air.

There’s no bigger tell for a big night out than when you sit around in your grey track pants for the next few days, thundering headache, refusing to do little more than sip water and binge watch the latest trash on Netflix.  Surprisingly, I’m not talking about me.  (oh no, …

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Hello everyone.  My name’s Emma, and I’m a yoga addict.  (‘Hi, Emma…’)

Anyone who knows me knows one thing.  I spend way more time on Instagram each day than is probably recommended.  And also, I do a whole lotta yoga.

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That time I decided to stop using travel as an excuse.

Hands up if you put ‘get ripped/toned/Miranda Kerr’s body’ (or a variation of) on your New Year’s Resolutions list of things you’ll definitely follow this year, hand on your heart, honest to God, because 2015 is the year of you?

Yep.  I’m hearing …

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