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All guns blaz(er)ing.

I have a confession to make.  In the last month I have purchased five – that’s right FIVE – blazers.  #sorrynotsorry #fashion

A little bit because I was in Europe and running riot through all of the fabulous Euro fashion (how much better is Zara in …

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You wont believe what happened when I #outfitrepeated

The truth?  Absolutely not a damn thing.  Soz for the click bait, but I’ve always wanted to do it – just the one time.  (And it felt just as icky as I thought it would.  Guess I’ve failed my Daily Mail journalist induction…)

There’s a new black in …

Current mood: grey matter.



There’s something about the humble grey coverall that is anything but befitting drab colour title would suggest.


Chunky grey knits.  If I had to sum up my relationship with them in just three words, it would be …

Style Stealer 04: Pip Edwards.

If I achieve just one thing in 2015, it will be to master the art of ripped denim, a la the stylish Pip Edwards.  I mean, I already have the hang of ripped jeans.  They’re basically on track for MVP of my wardrobe, but I just haven’t managed the same …