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Current mood: grey matter.



There’s something about the humble grey coverall that is anything but befitting drab colour title would suggest.


Chunky grey knits.  If I had to sum up my relationship with them in just three words, it would be ‘Em’s Spirit Animal’.  Only a week into Official For Real Winter, and already they’re on track for MVP of the 2015 wardrobe and are multiplying at a rate that is reducing my credit card to silent sobs in the corner of my wallet.

Over jeans, paired with a leather skirt, sitting sloppily over summer’s silky lace cami’s (oh, don’t you even try and pretend you didn’t stash seven or so of these in the summer sales…), there’s something about the humble grey coverall that is anything but befitting drab colour title would suggest.

images via: happily grey, pinterest, harper and harley


But here’s the shocking truth, sports fans. There was a time, when I Em, didn’t own knitwear.  *cue shock, horror and angry crowds throwing rotting vegetables while booing*.  (Side note: this was roughly circa when all my denim was bootleg and I lived in cheap ballet flats, so we should probably dump this whole, misguided era into one great big, Em Was Too Drunk On Cheap Uni Alcohol To Make Sensible Fashion Decisions bucket.)

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but knits just didn’t rate highly on the list of things I needed in my life.  Needless to say, the stuffed, overflowing wardrobe drawer featuring fifty shades of grey knits (and that’s just in that one drawer.  There’s another 28 on the shelf…) stands proudly as a daily reminder of how I have grown.  (And also, a nod to my self negotiating skills.  Because I can always justify one more grey jumper especially as I totally don’t have a chunky knit in that exact cool shade of granite, and it’s on sale so when you think about it, I’m actually saving money…)

And ladies, this ain’t no time to get your vanity on.  When thinking grey, size does matter.  Oversize is the new size zero for Winter ’15 knitwear, so leave the smalls and mediums politely on the rack and grab the largest ‘will-probs-confuse-this-with-my-throw-rug’ you can find.  Pilfering through the men’s section, highly encouraged.


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