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Friday Thoughts 01: Balance

You know when you have those weeks?  Actually months, if I’m being totally honest…

It’s all highs and lows.  I go from over training to not pulling on my runners for two weeks to running a half marathon.  I’m working late and then losing all motivation and wasting time when I should be working and then having to work late to catch up.  And then getting inspired by a brand new project that I’m throwing my heart and soul into and before I know what’s going on, it’s 3am and I’m still in front of the computer.  I’m not eating well, I’m drinking too much, and then I’m getting too busy and forgetting to eat at all.  Coffee and I are in a incredibly serious relationship.

It’s starting to show.  I feel rubbish.  In fact, rubbish would be a general improvement on my general state of mind and wellbeing.  I’m having to use more illuminiser than the ACP beauty posse to achieve anything less than ‘still asleep and/or dead’ each morning.

You know that you’ve reached that point when you’re getting stuck on the things that six months ago, would have barely registered as a story to tell the ladies over a glass of wine on Friday night.  Time to move on.

It’s time to find some balance.  A happy medium between being getting my Beyonce on and channelling my inner yogi.  (And can we all please start ignoring that whole ‘Beyonce has as many hours in the day as you do’ quote doing the rounds?  She’s got way more hours in the day, folks.  THEY’RE CALLED ASSISTANTS AND MINDERS AND CHEFS AND STYLISTS.)

Time to clear the decks.  Balance.  It’s an illusive bastard, but I’ll find it.




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