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Friday Thoughts 02: A good day.

Alright guys.  We’re friends now.  So it seems only fair that I let you in on a little secret – I’m not all butterflies and sunshine.  Somedays, I pretty much hate everything.  I hate my hair.  I hate my breakfast.  The cars around me are all driving too slow/fast/wrong.  My coffee doesn’t taste right.  That kid on his scooter is annoying.  You know those days.  You’ve got a great big black cloud over your head and there’s no real reason why, but you’ve just got your cranky pants on.

Everything annoys you on Cranky Pants Days.  The birds outside.  The dog.  They way your sister brushes her teeth like that.  #Annoying.

I had one a little while ago.  Woke up on the way wrong side of the bed.  I pulled myself out, pulled on mismatching lycra and a singlet (because WHO CARES ABOUT FASHION, I HATE ALL THE FASHION), and took Diesel for a walk.  It wasn’t a great walk.  I stomped around the neighbourhood.  Getting even more annoyed when he stopped to sniff dog things.

Until I saw it.  The limo.

Black, shiny and important.  Two white ribbons flittered across the hood.  The driver eyed me up and down.  (WHATEVER LITTLE MAN, I DON’T NEED TO IMPRESS YOU, I KNOW I LOOK RIDICULOUS)

I stomped off down the street.  Jerk.  Who is he to look at me like that??

I started thinking about that guy.  And the bride he was inevitably taking to her wedding.  Her wedding day.  Her wedding day.  She was getting married.  The very day that I was resenting, and stomping around, generally being a brat and/or jerk and/or both was the day she had no doubt been dreaming about for months.  Planning.  Smiling about as she went to sleep. Or not sleeping because she was way too excited.  She had probably been counting down to that very same Saturday and the date would be etched in her brain for days to come.  That day was going to go down in her life’s history as one of The Best Days of Her Life, and I had so little regard for it, that I couldn’t even be fagged putting on a matching outfit.

Because that’s the thing about crappy-for-no-reason days.  To you, they just might be another dreary Saturday.  But to someone else?  They’re special.  Because it’s their wedding day.  Or the day they welcome their child into the world.  The day they bring home a brand new puppy.  People are meeting the loves of their lives and toddlers are taking their very first steps and somewhere, somehow, some woman is finding that the last pair of those incredible heels on sale are in her size.

And that is most definitely worth putting a decent outfit on for.

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