A guide to fabulous Palm Springs fun times – no Coachella required.

Much palms.  Many springs.  Lots of cocktails.

Fun fact, y’all.  They let you go to Palm Springs the other 358 days of the year when it’s not Coachella time, and it’s even more spectacular because you can actually get to the bar and order a mojito without having to queue …

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New year, new job. How to slay your first day. (and week, and month…)

Can we all just agree that starting a new job is the absolute worst?

It’s a necessary evil – I mean it’s physically impossible to get a new gig without the subsequent ‘very first day at your new gig’ – but damn, I wish we could just invent …

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Privacy, please.
What you need to know about Facebook’s fall from grace.

Right now, Facebook is literally the cheerleader who cheated on her quarterback boyfriend at the pep rally.  From internet darling to data slut, the fall from grace has been quicker than you can say Cambridge Analytica.  (Though some would argue, we’ve been losing our patience with Zuckerberg’s kingdom for some …

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Hot Cross Nothing.


Actually, if I’m being really truthful and honest, that title should read ‘Hot Cross 72 packets’, but it won’t support the point I’m about to make, and can y’all please stop judging me, it’s Easter and it’s my patriotic duty to eat as many damn …

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Did Kylie Jenner just kill Snapchat?

Look, probs not.  (Damn, I really should have drawn out that anti-climatic answer, eh?)


Even if you’re under that proverbial rock (because let’s be honest, wifi is pretty good these days, even under rocks), you probably heard the interwebs collectively lose their digital shit this week when …

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