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Little Insights: 05


Another little self indulgent moment, where I get to rabbit on
about what I’ve been up to lately.


one: It’s been a mighty quiet week in the office, folks.  Most of my fave peeps are all the way over in the you-es-of-aye for a host of business type reasons that I didn’t really pay attention to, and one really big reason – the San Fran Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  (Run ladies, ruuuuunnnn!) And while they’re taking group Instas of all the fun and frivolities, we thought we’d show them what they’re missing.  Which is mostly Friday night drinks at the Vic Bar.  This is our very best ‘we don’t care that you’re all in SF because look at all the funs we’re having!’ pose.  You’d almost believe it, eh?

two: Shine bright like a diamond, Auckland.  Four days in one of my favourite cities in the world.  I’ve never had a rainy or cold day over in Nu Zulund-land, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, or the city, but I’m completely smitten.  We do, however, always manage to plan a trip when something big is going on, and thus have limited hotel options, so we’ve stayed in some, uh, interesting places.  Once, we had to plug the little telecom cable into our laptops for something resembling internet.  Oh so quaint.

three:  Do you have those peeps on Instagram?  The ones you follow, just for the drool factor.  Because you can’t quite believe that people live their lives quite so fantastically?  Kirsty Godso is my Instapiration.  She’s our Auckland NTC trainer, and one of the fittest people I know in actual real life.  She’s also has the most disiplined diet – which explains why her thighs look like they do, and mine, uh…don’t quite look the same – so much so that she was able to resist the urge (and the aroma) of the ridiculously drool-worthy donuts at dinner last week.  Apple and cinnamon!  Who could resist?  (I couldn’t, for those of you playing along at home).  She put these girls through their paces last Monday night, including the world’s cutest mini me, who joined in, and if I’m being really, hand-on-my-heart honest, she had better form than me…

four:  There’s this theory, that to recover from a marathon, you should rest for as many days as kilometres you ran.  That’d be 21.  (technically 21 and a half, if you believe that Nike+ chick in the app, and yes, I’d like to believe her…)  Three weeks.  I should be resting from running for three weeks.  But then there was sunshine and cherry blossoms and before I knew it, my little legs were just trotting along, as if they had a mind of their own.  It wasn’t quick.  It didn’t feel real good.  Everything was a little bit rusty, but somehow, it all just felt like home.  Shit.  Am I a runner now?


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