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Hot Cross Nothing.


Actually, if I’m being really truthful and honest, that title should read ‘Hot Cross 72 packets’, but it won’t support the point I’m about to make, and can y’all please stop judging me, it’s Easter and it’s my patriotic duty to eat as many damn …

Did Kylie Jenner just kill Snapchat?

Look, probs not.  (Damn, I really should have drawn out that anti-climatic answer, eh?)


Even if you’re under that proverbial rock (because let’s be honest, wifi is pretty good these days, even under rocks), you probably heard the interwebs collectively lose their digital shit this week when …

Dear Valentine’s Day.

An open letter to the year’s most bullshit ‘holiday’ and how’s it’s been personally victimising me for my entire life.


Dear V-Day,


We need to have a chat.  It’s not me, it’s you etc, et al.  I can feel you …

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If you’ve never been to Bali,
start here.

Hands up if you’ve ever had this Bali conversation?  *waves hand around in the air madly*


Me (or, I guess, you):  Oh, I do have some holidays booked!  I’m off to Bali next month!

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