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Style Stealer 01: Lindy Klim

image credit: Lindy Klim/instagram @lindyklim


Guys, there are few peeps who I casually cruise by and check out with quite as much frequency as my mate Lindy.  And by ‘casually cruise by‘ I mean ‘instagram-stalk’, and when I say ‘mate‘ I obvs mean that technically we’ve never actually met but I’m very confident that we’d be legit great friends because just look at how much we have in common.  Yunno, if you over-look the part where I’m not any sort of player in the fashion world and I’m stuck here in Melbourne while she suns herself in what appears to be a gorgeous house in Bali and swans around at New York Fashion Week.  Anyhoo.  Something to aim for, for when I’m grown up, amiright kids?

Truthfully, I am more than influenced by Lindy’s style.  I’m a complete bona fide slave and my credit card weeps silently in my wallet every time she pops a new post onto the interwebs.  Something along the lines of oh-em-gee-I-totally-need-washed-black-ripped-jeans-too-look-how-great-they-look-on-Lindy and suddenly $200 for a pair of headphones no longer seems ridiculous.  Because pretty.  (Oh yes Frends.  I’m looking at you. Slink away in shame into my drawer.)

So it seems approps that I start here.  While I can’t actually be her, I’m going to do my best to try and at least copy her cool effortless style and wait for the Bali mansion to arrive.  It can’t be too far away, right?


jeans / hat / makeup / shoes / tee / coat

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