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Style Stealer 03: Sincerely Jules

Do you like clothes?  (The correct answer is: heck yes, otherwise you should probably bugger off very right now because I’m about to unleash my inner fashion nerd and make it rain clothes.)

Any fashionista worth her weight in pumps should be following Julie Saninana.  Known by her closest Insta friends as ‘Sincerely Jules’ (that’d be all 1.6 million of us…), by the looks of it, her official title is ‘Chief Executive Officer of Travelling Around the World Looking Casually Fabulous’ and she’s got a double doctorate in Perfectly Tussled Hair and Skin Enhancing Lipstick.  What a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Jules inspires some of my outfits.  And by ‘some’, I mean ‘98.82% of them’ and by ‘inspires’, I mean ‘I usually completely rip them off while agonising over why my thighs don’t look anything like that in denim cut-off shorts’.

Follow the adventures of Jules and her many, many pairs of perfectly ripped jeans at

That wasn’t a suggestion, just incase you had any ideas of going to make another green tea and maybe go and check her out later on.  Go on.  Quickly now.



t shirt / sunglasses / jeans / lipstick / shoes / jacket / sea salt spray / bag

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