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Style Stealer 04: Pip Edwards.

If I achieve just one thing in 2015, it will be to master the art of ripped denim, a la the stylish Pip Edwards.  I mean, I already have the hang of ripped jeans.  They’re basically on track for MVP of my wardrobe, but I just haven’t managed the same sort of je ne sais quoi – I mean, just look at how she pulls the super distressed off with heels and a bustier and manages to smash the fashion game way outta the park.  If I tried this?  Em got mugged on the way to the party.

And that hair?  THAT HAIR.  You know you’re kicking seventeen types of goals when you get your very own style named after you, and you can very well bet that I’ll be strutting into the hairdresser demanding a ‘Pip’ on more than one occasion this year.  I may or may not be in double denim, just to make my point (hint, I probs will).



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And the best part?  Pip mixes Nikes with heels, without batting an eyelid, which gives me an excuse to keep every single last pair of impulsively purchased shoes from 2014.  Right.  Right? 

And while I’m missing the Fashion Designer/Stylist pedigree that gives Pip her edge (with gigs at Ksubi, Sass & Bide and General Pants – my envy is practically seeping into the keyboard right now), I’ve got more than enough distressed denim sea salt spray to at least put me in round about the same league.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…



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