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Is digital marketing making us all lazy?

Gather round, designers.  It’s time for a story.


A strange thing happened to me, right before I headed off on vacay last month: my hairdressing salon called me.
(Not the strange part, you guys, stay with me here and don’t you very dare give me any …

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Five ways to drive more traffic to your website, for free.


One of the best things about working in digital marketing for nice big brands is most definitely the fact that there is generally always free food in the building.  (I’m super motivated by food, incase that wasn’t immediately clear… #hungry.) The second best? Budgets.

Three really good reasons why you still need Facebook.


Fun fact.  Here’s two things I legitimately witnessed people say on the interwebs this week:

When chatting about a new business their friend has just started: ‘You should start a Facebook page!  Free advertising!’

In a (oh …