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Talk derby to me.

Ladies and gentlemen.  Start your fashion engines!  The Melbourne Cup Carnival is officially in session.

It’s time for the parade of ridiculously fabulous outfits that we roll out each year in the name of horse racing.  Except no-one actually sees the horses run around the track, because we’re all too busy air kissing and gushing over fasinators while drinking champagne.

First cab off the rank is Derby Day , and to completely level with y’all, I was a wee bit gutted that I’m not going to be sashaying around in my monochrome finest this year.  The Derby is one of my favouritest events of the year, and it’s not only because black and white is my fashion spirit animal – there’s a little something about the atmosphere at the Derby.  It’s absolutely electric.  Peeps are in the mood for a par-tay.  (Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that we’re all still shiny and glossy, with perfectly prepared livers – and not starting to feel the effects of an entire week of alcohol abuse…)

Black and white might be on the menu, but it’s far from boring.  Here’s my round up of the A-Listers who knocked my socks off this year – and I’ve managed to maturely look the other way and not stick the cat claws into those who effed it up.  I feel I’ve grown, eh?

(Though if our international guests felt like perhaps making a little bit of an effort, I wouldn’t complain.  Yes, I’m looking at you Margherita…)


Jen Hawkins

Oh J-Hawk.  Way to smash it out of the park and make the rest of us mere mortals feel positively second rate.  Everyone’s favourite Miss Universe is basically schooling the entire Birdcage in how lace is done, and while I’m not entirely convinced that the neckline needed to be quite that low, she still gets top marks from me.  I ‘spose, if you’ve got it, flaunt it…right??


(image credit @thislittlelane / instagram)


Lauren Phillips

Does anyone remember when she actually used to be Gary Ablett’s arm candy?  Anyone? Oh my word how this filly has blossomed (Yes.  Absolutely pun intended…)

Perfect detail, perfect structure – and if I can nit-pick for just the one little minute, it’s that I’d love to see some earrings.  Guess that means that black nails are making a come too…


(image credit: @lfizzlphillips / instagram)


Jodi Gordon

Normally, I’m not a J-Gords fan.  I just don’t quite get her particular brand of fashion.

But her Derby Day effort gets the official Emma Nod of Approval.  Loving the full Maticevski skirt and the simplicity of her head piece.  It’s fresh and kinda fabulous.  And here’s hoping there was no Shiraz being served up in the Myer Marquee this year…. #eeeekkk


(image credit: @thecivilizedlife / instagram)


Ash Hart

Holy sweet baby stilettos, fashionistas.  This.  This is how you Derby.

I have a complete, uncontrollable fashion crush on Ash’s cute, flirty get-up.  It’s bang on trend with a full skirt, but she’s kept it short, because heck knows only Megs Gale and co have the height for those full midi numbers doing the rounds.  The hat is fun, the hair is perfection and the pop red lip is super fresh.  Giddy-up indeed.


(image credit: @arthurgalanag / instagram)


Nicole Warne

Alright.  Yes.  If you want to get all dress code political, yes technically, technically, everyone’s fave fashion blogger is breaking the ‘thou shalt not wear strapless dresses to thy race track’ rules.  But personally, I think that’s reserved for the GA crowd who think that strapless bandage dresses with sky-high heels (that they’ll most definitely take off before 5pm) is how one does Flemington fash.  #incorrect

But when you have this much style and impeccable taste?  Strapless-away, kids.


(image credit: @garypeppergirl / instagram)

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