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That time I decided to stop using travel as an excuse.

Hands up if you put ‘get ripped/toned/Miranda Kerr’s body’ (or a variation of) on your New Year’s Resolutions list of things you’ll definitely follow this year, hand on your heart, honest to God, because 2015 is the year of you?

Yep.  I’m hearing ya, sister.

According to the folk at Huffington Post, over half of us make the pledge when the ball drops in Times Square each year…with only 8% of us actually managing to achieve the whole ‘putting down the packet of Doritos and getting off the couch’ thing…

So out I trot every January 2.  (because January 1 is like a free pass.  Everyone knows you’re going to be way too hung over to achieve anything beyond schlepping to the fridge for another gatorade, so anyone with a sensible bone in their body will start the New Year, New Me thing the next day.  When hopefully the tequila has finished seeping from your pores…)  Desperate to be one of the 8%.  I run, I lift, I bend.  And it’s all going well.

That is, until the first work trip of the year…

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about work trips that scream ‘eat and drink all the things!’ to me.  I blame the lethal combination of minibar-eating out-pool side cocktails, coupled with the fact that you have no ‘real world’ responsibilities to do, so you’re basically on holiday even though you technically ‘have to work’.

I eat, I drink and somehow my short term memory wipes all traces of exercise motivation.  Running?  Wha?  Who?  Me?  ‘Sif I want to look like Karlie Kloss because I bet she never gets to drink mojitos and I’m already onto my forth, wheeeeeee.


Or at least it was.  Until last year, when I finally bucked up, toughened the hell up and decided that those work jaunts were not going to foil me, oh no siree they very would not.  And at the risk of sounding a little preachy, here’s how you can stay on the fitness bandwagon when you’re away from home and the mini-bar is calling just a little too loudly…


Be resourceful with your exercise gear.

It sounds simple enough, no?  But seriously, the tights and sports bras used to be the first things to be cut when my bag was making a mockery of the 7kg carry on limit.  Now, they’re the first thing I pack.  I also wear my runners on the plane.  Not only do I travel in comfort (and style, because I only buy the prettiest of pretty colours my friends), but there’s a whole ‘front of mind, front of thought’ thing that happens.  Because they’re already on your feet – heck, you spend a whole plane ride looking at them – you’re more likely to stay motivated to actually use them once you descend from 39,000 feet.

Pro tip – a sports bra and shorts can totally work for a post workout dip in the pool.  Because you earned it, sister.


Blaming the weather is like blaming the dog for eating your homework.  Tres lame.

It’s too hot/too cold/too windy/too rainy/looks like it might rain/there’s definitely a thunderstorm coming in even though it’s currently sunny outside – oh yes I’ve been there.  But here’s the ‘harden-the-eff-up’ truth.  There are very few places in the world where it will be consistently 22 degrees and sunny.  Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and run.

If it’s too hot – find a cooler place.  Botanical Gardens are my pick.  Plus there’s usually a sprinkler around or two.  If it’s cold, rug up.  And if you really, truly ain’t keen on trekking out in the elements, then stay in.  I’m yet to find a hotel that doesn’t at least have a treadmill tucked away in a closet somewhere.  I’ve run in some auh-mazing state of the art gyms, and I’ve run in coat closets that had a bucket to collect the random drips from the ceiling.  The point is, it’s half an hour out of your day, so just suck it up.


Get on the N+TC bandwagon.
10932555_410052055786680_597716051_n copy

Alright, alright, alright.  I know.  I work for Nike, I’m recommending their apps, blah blah blah.  While it may seem a little obvs for me to recommend a product I spend my days playing with, the proof is in the pudding.  (or lack there of, because I’m pretty sure pudding isn’t on the bikini body diet.)  It gives you a seemingly never-ending list of workouts – many that can be easily done in a hotel room.  (Which is the rebuttal for the aforementioned ‘weather’ excuse.  If you can’t find a gym, some of the work outs don’t even require equipment.  Diddya hear me?  All you need is a little bit o’ phone battery, kids)  And if you don’t believe me, just ask Zoe.  (actually you probs better not, she may get a little freaked out if she suddenly gets all these random calls to check in what she really thinks about the N+TC app…)  She used this almost exclusively on her trip around South America a few years ago, heck, she still uses it, and she’s basically the fittest person I know in actual real life.  Plus, it can be downloaded FOR FREE from the App Store and Google Play, so it doesn’t even cut into your tacky souvenir spoon budget…


Do thy research.

Unless you’re one of the seven people who isn’t on Instagram, it isn’t hard to do a little ‘running route’ scouting before you jet off.  Or a quick peek to see what the yoga studio de jour or best Body Barre class is.  Figuring out what you’re doing, where and when just tears down that one last barrier to actually getting off your butt and moving.  (Because yes.  I’ve procrastinated and then been crippled with indecision before I finally gave up and just had a G&T by the pool instead…) And the best part?  Now you’ll have your very own fancy little ‘look how much exercise I did on my holiday’ photo to post on your Insta channel, and that’s absolutely the definition of hashtag winning.


After years of watching celebs trek up Runyon Canyon, I’m finally in the club. I’m sure my invite to join George Clooney in the Rivera is next…right??

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1 Comment
  • Zoe
    January 19, 2015

    This made me smile so much, that darn mini bar, I actually went through a phase where I got it emptied before my arrival… will power muscle was non existent. So proud of you hottie, you are smashing it this year and even better you’re helping others too. PS Your NTC insta pic on Saturday motivated me to do a little NTC yoga myself. X

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