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The Want List 01: All that glitters…



This week, the most marvellous thing happened.  Rose Gold Converse kicks.

Friends, did you hear me?? Legit, rose gold Converse, sitting in all their sparkly little glory on my very own feet and I’ve nearly walked into several walls today because I have been too busy admiring the magic to actually pay attention to where the heck I’m walking.  WORTH THE FOREHEAD BRUISES OH YES THEY ARE.

And before you ask, no, they’re sold out.  (oh Lordy do I feel ever so wanky saying those three little words.  But they are.  For reals.  #sorrynotsorry)  They were a gift from a very wonderful new friend and I feel the need to text her hourly photos of these little babies on my feet just so she can actually get how much I adore them.  (Diddya get that Rach?  I love the shit outta these shoes.  You da best.)

For me, rose gold is having a bit of a mo’.  (That’s short for ‘moment’ because I’m totes hip and trendy now.  Apparently).  It’s just that little bit more elegant than run of the mill ordinary gold (sorry, old friend) and there’s not much that it doesn’t look smashing with.  Silver included.  (Oh stop your mock gasping, very right now.  Metallics can and will go together, stop being oh so 1997.)

And yes.  I’m still wearing the rose gold Converse as I type these last few words.  They deserve nothing less than very best shoe friend status.


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