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The Want List 02: Leavin’ On a Jet Plane.


We’re all going on a, summer holiday…


Sorry to be the worst kind of fancy holiday bragging jerk there is, but in less than one week (six days, but, like, who’s counting right??) I will be boarding a plane for the northern hemisphere where it’s summer and butterflies and sunshine.

I should have listened to Jon Snow.  He was right all those months ago.  Winter is coming.  And oh my word she’s been a cold harsh one this year.  (Oh ignore me.  I was built for warm weather and every winter I moan dramatically about how it’s the coldest its ever been and I actually think I may die or lose some fingers from frost bite.  Hold me, I’m so coooooold.)  I’m am beyond excited about getting some legit summer sun on my pasty white skin (which reminds me.  Spray tan appointment. #mustbookimmediately) that I’ve started taking bribes from my bikinis to determine who’ll make the suitcase short list (and be promptly replaced by a brand new lover the minute I hit the LA shops…. #sorrynotsorry).

For some people, they hate the 14 odd hours that is the SYD>LAX.  But not me.  I actually enjoy the excuse to curl up with all the trashy mags and cheap TV for the long haul across the Pacific because it’s 14 hours of zero responsibilities!  Pass me another glass of inflight red!

But any seasoned traveller knows that life at 30,000 feet is a just that little bit nicer with some creature comforts.  Ok, many, glittery creature comforts.  The trick is to make your carry on bag look really light, and they’ll never know that you’ve crammed half your life in there…


sky high dunks / travel set / passport holder / eye mask / book / tote / poncho / headphones / throw

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