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The Want List 03: Volt.

It’s no secret that I like shoes.  I have an unhealthy relationship with them.  I hoard them, lined up in their little rows, like tiny glittering soldiers and every morning it’s a Wardrobe Hunger Games to decide who will be the Chosen One.  Who will be graced with the honour, no the privilege, of toting around my feet all day long.

There is no more noble purpose.  AMIRIGHT??

Here’s what I’m crushing on at the moment.  The Zoom Fit Agility.  I’m a bit fickle with my Nikes.  I play the field.  One day, I’m strutting around with Air Max, the next, I’m rocking the Frees.  One of the perks of having a virtual factory approximately 34.2 seconds from my desk.  (I timed it.)  I can’t commit to just the one sole mate.  (Sorry not sorry.  I had to!  Come on.  Lemme have just one pun…)

The beauty of these bad boys is that they come in full neon yellow – only we call it ‘volt’ because we’re fancy pants like that.  Why use the colour names that people know and love when we CAN MAKE OUR OWN ONES UP?  Plus the colour names we make up sound like they could be characters from The Avengers, which makes them 265 times cooler.

There’s something about a little neon in your daily life.  Especially for someone like me, who is watching the monochrome plant it’s flag in her wardrobe and declare it in the name of fashion.  A little pop of fun, to break up the triple black, is just what the fashion doctor ordered – and it’s the perfect way to take that drab winter wardrobe into the Summer months without completely straying from your signature style.

Plus they’re apparently great for working out.  You know, if you can tear yourself away from the mojitos…



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