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Weekly Wrap + Links // 09.07


That’s the time I set my alarm for last Sunday morning.  For reals.  Look, if we’re being really, truly, completely honest with ourselves, it’s not the first time I’ve seen 3.50am on Sunday morning (and it’s probs not going to be the last), but it’s a tad different to be getting up at ridiculous-o-clock, instead of stumbling out of a cab, kebab firmly clenched in my fist.

But such is life when you’re organising a half marathon.  (For anyone playing along at home, sweet lord it’s freaking cold in the middle of winter, pre-sunrise.  I’m still regaining feeling in my fingers…)

I’ve been lucky enough to complete a few half marathons in my time. But I’ve never been on the ‘wearing an AAA lanyard, with official duties that don’t involve running 21km’ side.  And boy it’s a different experience.


When you’re not focused on your own blisters and sore hips and DEAR LORD FEED ME NOW BEFORE I EAT THAT KID OVER THERE – the finish line of a half marathon is a pretty spectacular place to be.  There are some women smashing out PB’s.  Beating their competition by a solid kilometre.  Winning their age group and taking home prizes.

And then there are those women who are crossing that line for the very first time.  Who never dreamed they could ever run 21km.  Who are hurting so bloody much, but dammit – they’re not walking that final lap of the stadium.  They’ve got this far.  They’re running to the finish line.  Who broke down in tears and celebrated with their families, because running 21km is so incredibly hard.

Everyone remembers their first 21km, and so to those amazing lasses who joined us for the Nike Women’s Victory Tour last Sunday – this glass of pinot I hold in my hand very right now is raised to you.

p.s.  A glass of wine in an epsom salts bath cures any sore muscles.  Bonus points if you bring the iPad for a little bit o’ Netflixing…


And back off the track, here’s what else is inspiring me this week…

  • Does anyone else feel like Facebook is just becoming that annoying friend who immediately goes out and buys the exact same dress after seeing you wear it?  Well, here’s their latest…I think you’re supposed to be flattered, Snapchat.
  • If your desktop is looking as drab as this winter we’re having (#WinterIsComing, amiright??), time for a colourful update.  Design Love Fest does the best digi downloads, and this week’s is no exception.
  • If you spend as much time on the interwebs as I do, you need to read this.  In an era where your worth is determined by how many electronic likes you can score on your latest pic, it’s a grounding look at our new reality.
  • IT’S NEARLY OLYMPICS TIME, FRIENDS!  I’m so excited for two whole weeks of sports I would never normally watch, and the billions of dollars spent on Oscar-worthy ads.   Virgin Media gets the party started
  • You know when you watch something and it’s just so full of ridiculous, unbridled joy that you can’t help but get the fuzzies?  This.  THIS.  I’ve watched it 17,894 times and it still makes me smile.


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