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Weekly wrap + links // 16.07


I spent a total of eight hours at my desk this week.  Eight.

Sadly, it wasn’t because I was only in the office for just the one day before jetting off to some sun drenched tropical location.  (Note to self: book a Winter holiday next year.  Also, stop following people on Insta who are currently on a European vacay #holidayenvy)

The real reason I was ghosting my desk?  

Meetings.  Lots of meetings.  I should have changed my title to Meeting Attendee Specialist and just embraced the new role which saw me visit almost every single meeting space in the building.

Turns out, I’m not alone.  As businesses embrace a crazy lil’ thing called collaboration, meetings, emails and powerpoint presentations are on the rise, to the point where they’re taking up (in some cases) a reeeeediculous 80% of employee work time.  WHAT A BRILLIANT USE OF EMPLOYEE TIME, YOU GUYS.  It’s been dubbed collaborative-overload, and it’s a pretty vicious cycle.

For me, this means a pretty solid weekend of work ahead – trying to keep up with, you know, all the actual work I was too busy talking about to actually do this week.  Lesson learned.

From next, there’s going to be some serious meeting culling.  If it’s not helping me do my job (or it’s not, you know, my job to be there) – expect to be promptly voted off the island and you’ll find me rebuilding my relationship with a good old friend called Em’s desk.


The good news is that I did still manage to find a small window of time to lurk around the best of the interwebs, and here’s the best of the best from this week:

  • Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.
    I’ve read Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive a couple of times now, and I continue to find new nuggets of wisdom.  If you’ve not got your hands on it just yet, this collection of quotes will most definitely inspire you to do so…
  • Those clever folks at Instagram finally realised that we, like, use the platform as a business marketing tool, and have launched a savvy new suite of tools that include business profiles and analytics.  ANALYTICS!  Praise the data overlords, friends!
  • Sleeping with pets has been proven to help you get a better night’s sleep.  Because I needed another reason to nap with the furry residents of my house.  Side note: I’m absolutely certain that people who own a Staffy were excluded from taking part in this survey.
  • Alright, sing it with me guys – ‘I said a change *a change will do you*, will do you good’.  It might be the topic of oh so many songs, but most of us kind of suck at the whole ’embracing change’ thing.  This super short piece from Seth Godin is an inspired perspective on how to influence it…



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