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Wherefore art thou, fashion?

Friends, I don’t mean to alarm you, but it appears that the Marquee Overlords forgot one very important invite this year.  Fashion.

Yes, fashion.

When the golden tickets were being handed out to the a-list and b-list city wide, someone forgot to mention that in return for a day of swanning around drinking french champagne with a constant supply of canapes, a superstar DJ and most likely a chopper ride to ensure you’re not fighting for a cab with the rest of us ‘Commoners’  – you would actually be required to make an effort with your appearance.  SOME SORT OF EFFORT, ANY EFFORT HERE LADIES WILL BE FINE.

Holy sweet strawberries, fashion fans.  What a snooze worthy Melbourne Cup fash-spotting.  All the usual suspects – Megs Gale, Rach Finch, Laura D – all let me down with various versions of the same blah body con dress that, oh I have no words.  Ladies, I have pajamas that are more exciting than what you were sporting yesterday.  IT’S THE RACE THAT STOPS A NATION FOR PETE’S SAKE.  That’s your first clue that your outfit should be show stopping.

Thankfully, some of my newest friends found their red carpet A-game, so let’s pretend that they were the only ones there and no, we won’t be talking about that Gabi Grecko/Geoffrey E-Stone hideousness, because ewwwwww.


Nicole Warne (top)

Gary Pepper, you are my new fave fashion blogger.  Can you put a foot wrong?  (Consider that more of a rhetorical, sports fans, and if you’re one of those folk who can’t leave a question unanswered, the correct answer is ‘heck no, Em, she’s rocking the socks of all things fashion’.)  Normally, I detest the head-to-toe designer thing, but she may have just converted me.  Easily my pick for this year’s carnival – heck, she’s so many points ahead she could basically rock up in a potato sack for the Oaks Day and still win all the fashion things.  (And she’d probably look amazing in the bloody sack, too…)


Kate Peck

The MTV VJ is putting the V in Fashion.  (You know, if there was a ‘v’ in fashion…).  The colour is divine, the hints of skin are fun (but see how she’s cleverly left the sleeves on so it’s not skanky, y’all.  #GENIUS), and her headpiece is one of my favourite of the carnival.  Interesting how on anyone else (aka, me) red and green would make me look like a Chaddy Christmas decoration, but somehow, just some how, Lady Peck pulls it off with class.  Bitch.

Image credit: Kate Peck / instagram

Image credit: Lucas Dawson Photography / instagram


Lauren Phillips

Loz, whoever is doing your styling this season, PAY THEM DOUBLE.  Oh my word, you are simply smashing it out of the park.  This.  THIS is how you do a simple red dress.  (Pay attention, Megs Gale.  Pay close, close attention.)  The leather, zippy belt is so completely on trend, and takes it from drab to look-at-me-I’m-winning-at-all-the-fashion.  Few more accessories however, wouldn’t have hurt, just saying…

Image credit: Lucas Dawson Photography / instagram

Image credit: Lucas Dawson Photography / instagram


Em Mulquiney

Oh enough with that judgement.  It’s my fecking blog and I’ll crown myself fashion queen if I want to.  But I mean look.  Just look.  That floral crown took me a solid couple of days to glue together, and if Loz Phillips and Co can look this impressive while balancing three glasses of wine, I’ll eat my fascinator…

Image credit: Emma Mulquiney / instagram

Image credit: Emma Mulquiney / instagram


Saddle up, fashionistas.  We’re only half way home…


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