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You wont believe what happened when I #outfitrepeated

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The truth?  Absolutely not a damn thing.  Soz for the click bait, but I’ve always wanted to do it – just the one time.  (And it felt just as icky as I thought it would.  Guess I’ve failed my Daily Mail journalist induction…)

There’s a new black in town, you guys.  It’s called #OutfitRepeating.  And being the true fashion trendsetter that I am (I can hear most of my friends rolling around on the floor laughing – thanks guys – can’t you just humour me for like, half an hour?), I’ve already tried it.

If I’m being hand-on-my-heart truthful, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon, rather – I was pushed on there courtesy of my friends called Busy Work Week and Watched Another Episode of Scandal Instead of Packing for Sydney.

So here we were.  11pm, a half packed bag, and no clue what the heck I was going to wear to the following day’s red carpet event in Sydney.  My brain scanned the options and nothing, nothing was computing.  A desperate scan of Pinterest didn’t jog the inspiration.  I couldn’t make a single fancy dress in my wardrobe into an ‘outfit’.

And then I landed on the high neck, navy blue cocktail dress.

She’s the newest addition to my wardrobe, a slinky Wayne Cooper number that was hastily purchased for my cousin’s wedding recently.  (Side note: Why am I so bad at purchasing wedding outfits ahead of time?  If only, if only, they gave you more notice – like say, a handy save the date delivered a few months in advance so you knew exactly what to plan for?  Yes.  Yes, that would definitely do the trick…)  This dress was literally the last ‘fancy pants’ outfit I had worn – there wasn’t even a palette cleanser in the middle.  Which is a scandal in itself – I’m a lass who has never worn the same ‘occasion’ outfit twice.  (Yes.  Typing that makes me realise that I’m seventeen types of self indulgent…)  Could I really #OutfitRepeat?  Wouldn’t it feel weird to strut into the room, in the exact same outfit that had already twirled around on the dance floor in heels, wine in hand?

I’ll save you the play-by-play, but the short version is this: No. One. Noticed. Or. Cared.

In fact I even received the odd compliment (yes ok, ok. Most of these people have never seen me out of lycra, so pretty much anything without a swoosh on it is an improvement…) and I got to go home knowing that I’d halved the cost-per-wear of my latest frock in under a month.  That’s a PB, friends.  Oh, and because I knew you were just about to ask – here’s the side by side comparison…

The great news?  I’m in excellent company.  We all know Steve Jobs was famous for the turtle neck and jeans combo, Mark Zuckerberg has an obsession with grey t-shirts – and Mashable even wrote a piece three years ago about how successful people wear the same outfit every day.  (One less choice in the morning, saving all the daily agonising for the supermarket on way home, deciding what the heck you’re going to eat that night, amiright?!)  Matilda Kahl, a US art director, wears the same 15 silk shirts and black pants every day at work.  EVEN GIGI HADID IS #OUTFITREPEATING YOU GUYS.  #WeAreNotWorthy  (I mean, it was an Atelier Versace jumpsuit adorned with Swarovski crystals, but still – she wore it twice…)

Oh, and Arianna Huffington lists the ol’ #Repeat as one of her style tips – recommending that we spend more time pre-gaming with a glass of prosecco, and less time trying to remember who has seen this particular number before.

“I don’t hide my repeats, I celebrate them. When I’m getting ready for an event, I don’t spend time agonising about what to wear – I pick out one of my frequently worn favourites and call it a day.”

Well.  If it’s good enough for one of the most powerful #GirlBosses in the world, it’s surely good enough for me.  Or at least good enough for me to stop stressing about wearing the same expensive cocktail dress more than once – let’s not get too carried away on the work wardrobe thing juuuuuuuust yet, and yes, I do need 17 pairs of jeans…

On a serious note though – this is a fashion trend we all need to get behind.  We don’t need another dress, another pair of heels, another clutch – that will set us back $500-odd clams – and then sit in wardrobe purgatory gathering dust.  We need a few beautiful pieces that we celebrate whenever we get the chance.  #BuyWellBuyOnce

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